Ten things you may hear about Vista…


Now that Vista is almost dead and the almighty Windows 7 is going to take over, we need some therapy to see it off. Here are some things your likely to hear about Vista over the next few months.


You laugh nervously when you see a computer tagged with ‘Windows Vista Ready’.

That faint groan you hear? Bill Gates using Vista.

Everytime someone starts up a Vista machine, a little child in Africa dies.

I don’t know what gives me more dread, the Blue Screen of Death or the Vista startup screen.

You know your running Vista when you would rather use carrier pidgeon.

Windows ME has been removed from the Guiness World records category for ‘The worst ever operating system’.

The usage of Windows Vista as a torture tool has been specifically banned under the Geneva Convention.

People who vote, comment to you that they “don’t know what’s wrong” with Windows Vista.

You imagine the Blue Screen of Death while your using Windows Vista to make the experience less painful.

Your doctor advises you against grinding your teeth while your awake.