The story behind CommunityCPS and their ‘nifty app’

  This is a good example of a company using dubious advertising practices to advertise a product or service. Back in 2013, CommunityCPS (now Beyond Bank) developed and released and fairly mediocre iPhone app. It was bashed a lot because it was essentially nothing more than a little web app with a lame interface. Pressing […]

From Windows to Mac

It’s been a journey that many have taken. Migrating from a Windows operating system to Mac. The word Mac used to grit through my clenched teeth, I almost spat it out at the thought of using one. What has happened in the mean time has been interesting. I like to muck around with computers and […]

Atom 330

The Atom 330 is a Low power Dual Core/hyperthreading architecture destined for the Mini-ITX market. This market would be: People not wanting a super speedy machine and want to save power. People wanting a low power NAS. My plan is to investigate the possibly of replacing it with my main TV Recording box and see […]

Ten things you may hear about Vista…

  Now that Vista is almost dead and the almighty Windows 7 is going to take over, we need some therapy to see it off. Here are some things your likely to hear about Vista over the next few months.   You laugh nervously when you see a computer tagged with ‘Windows Vista Ready’. That […]

The facebook IQ Test scam

Ok, I did try and find another name for it, but alas, I just couldn’t! Whilst editing and updating my facebook page, let me say, I just love the application, the way it works and how everything is integrated into a couple of actual pages, they take the Internet social networking scene to a new […]